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Coronavirus: Closure of Churches and schools,a call up for Ghana to Invest in ICT – CLDG

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi, CEO of Center for Leadership and Democratic Governance (CLDG) has advised Ghana to take advantage of the Closure of Churches, Schools and other public activities due to COVID 19 outbreak to invest in Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

He said he took the time to monitor lots of Pastors of both big and small churches in Ghana running their church service online over the weekend using laptops but with fewer followers because many Ghanaians do not know how to take advantage of ICT in this modern even though we say the world is a global village.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi again said, this era of Android phones the churches must build the capacity of it’s members in the area of information Technology so that it will be a daily routine so when the unexpected happen like what we are going through then the church and it’s members will not be found wanting.

CLDG is appealing to the church to collaborate with the state to support in the the areas which the state has not been able to help and give off their best so that the members will have smooth life.

The state must also build an online platform which will help the state interact with teachers and students in the era of closure of school due to Coronavirus.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi is also appealing to Ghanaians to observe the necessary precautions in the era of COVID 19 as the state plays it’s part on finding lasting solution to the outbreak.

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