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Don’t Politicize COVID 19 Pandemic – PWD, Nkoranza South Warns Politicians

Kusi-Yeboah, the branch Chairman for Person With Disability speaking at a press conference, appeal to the politicians not to use this deadly disease for politics.

It is worrying to us since it has restricted our movement especially pregnant women and children, the chairman said.

He further said, Ghana and the entire world should draw closer to God and seek God intervention to intercede on our behalf. He also urge all to fast and pray to God to help the country.

According to him, It is quite intriguing and fascinating though, but this is a presage for Ghanaians as people to duly acknowledge the supernatural power of God.

He added that, this pandemic is not just any mere scourge, this is a deadly one that has the propensity to lead to the extinction of the human race.

Again, he emphasize that, scientists are baffling, but he know for sure that with the world, more especially Ghanaian collective prayer and supplication the Glory of God shall superimpose the capabilities of science in curbing this deadly canker.

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