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Don’t Politicize or Joke with CONVID 19 – Ahafo Regional Chief Imam

The Ahafo Regional Chief Imam, Alhaji Yussif Jihad, has advised Muslims in the Region not to politicize or joke with COVID 19 instead adhere to President Nana Addo’s directives to ensure that they protect themselves from the disease.

Imam Jihad, speaking to the Media at Goaso yesterday after forming 10 Member Regional advisory board in accordance with directives from Office of National Chief Imam to educate Muslims and monitor proceedings in the Region for the next thirty days (30) advised Muslims not to go to Mosques for their normal daily prayers but prepare and join the prayers in their homes as soon as the Landan call for prayer till Nana Addo call of his directives.

” No Muslim should politicize or joke with the disease because it’s a killer disease, let’s obey instructions from our leaders and protect our lives. You will be buried if you dare the disease,”He added.

The PRO to Regional Chief Imam, Chambas Abdullai said several Social gatherings including his Wedding Ceremony has been cancelled due to the directives.

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