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EC Boss is Insensitive and Inhuman – Hajia Mariam Dzifa

The Executive Member of ADAM GH who double as the Former Parliamentary Aspirant for Amasaman Constituency in the Greater Region in the ticket of the Opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) , Hajia Mariam Dzifa Ibrahim has described the Electoral Commission Boss Jean Mensah Adukwei as insentive and inhuman.

According to her, jean mensah lack the natural feeling and sympathy of a woman, because there’s a believe that women are well known sympathizers oriented but jean mensah don’t have such charater.

Speaking with Citizen Kofi Owusu ,on Ahotor Fm Morning Show ” Adekyeye Mu Nsem” Hajia Mariam Dzifa disclosed that, “Women are sensitive to issues, looking at the pandemic coronavirus that every nation is brawling against, Jean Mensah has insisted of registering ghanaians who don’t have National Voters card, those who have misplaced theirs and those who are now, at the age of Eighteen Years as our constitution stated, Hajia stated”.

Hajia added that, Jean Mensah want to declare the 2020 General Election coming December 7, to president Akufo Addo for him to retain his seat.
” This make it clear that, jean mensah don’t have sympathy nor think about Ghanaians, because when she thinks about the General public she won’t thought of new voter register in this uncomfortable and halts situation ghanaians are passing through”.

Hajia disclosed that, all the planning and activities of the Electoral Commission is the idea of the president Akufo Addo, because he want to retain his seat as the president of the republic of Ghana.

She revealed that, there are numerous of well grown countries who have a bouyant Economy like China, ltaly, France, United State of Nation(USA) and have a vital technologists and Logistics haven’t had a vaccine to cure the pandemic coronavirus how much more Ghana, she disclosed.

Hajia suggested that, the Electoral Commission should add up the new voter register money to the government targeted money to help brawl against the pandemic Coronavirus, No one will go out and vote for president or any other political candidate whiles peoples are suffering and dying.

Hajia draw the curtains down by stating that, jean mensah has disobey the order of the president by allowing people to mobilized themselves over 25 as instructed by Nana Addo.
She pleaded with Jean mensah to cancelled the new voter card registration.

By: Ohene-Bugyei

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