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Let Support the Government Awesome Projects – Ohene-Bugyei

The Morning Show host for Tema Based Radio Destiny Fm Amansiedehye Ohene-Bugyei has pleaded with Ghanaians to support the awesome projects of this current government led by H.E.Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo.

The Nana Addo government on the 7th January, 2017 disclosed to Ghanaians that, we should be citizens not spectators, this statement of his, made ghanaians more relaxed and calm because, he has given us the platform to question and ask him anything concerning his government either good or bad which Ghanaians are doing Justice to that.

According to ohene bugyei, Akufo Addo administration has done some of his promises but not all.
But we can take advantage of some of the project he has done to gain more profit to build more factories across the breath and the length of the country, which will therefore, reduce unemployed rate in the country.
“This government has done 1 District 1 factory at some constituencies, 1 village 1 Dam at some constituencies, $1million Dollars per constituency were delivered, Free Senior High School for Ghanaians”

“Akufo Addo led government have build numerous of schools, hospitals, Roads, Interchange which he said, he(ohene) has witnessed some of the project etc, but it’s a mandate for every government to deliver a flagship project “, he stated.

According to Ohene-Bugyei, Ghanaians should support the newly factory build by the current government ” Eku Juice” because, the Juice factory can provide about 1 to 10 thousand job nationwide.
The juice can provide a huge amount of profit which we can use the money to build another juice factory which this time around, it will be an “orange juice” factory and the profit of the orange juice can also be use to build “an apple” factory and vice versa. We can use the profit of every juice to build factories across all the 16 Regions to deduce unemployment rate in the country.

Ohene also pleaded with the opposition parties to stop the intimidation and criticism of the government project, because this criticism can bring the downfall of the country.

He then throw a strong salute to Former Central Region Chairman for opposition National Democratic Congress( NDC), Allotey Jacobs for thinking outside the box especially the youth of Ekumfi and support the ‘Eku Juice’ factory.
Because he believes that, the factory has created jobs for Ekufi youth and Ekumfiman as a whole.

He therefore said that, Ghanaians must not listening to the opposition parties, that are condenming the ‘Eku Juice’ and claiming, it’s poisonous.

Ohene made a statement that, the country carried millions of dollars to import fruit juice into the country where we advertised for them on all our media houses and all our social media platforms but decided to damage and destroyed our own which is tantamon to our motherland Ghana, ohene declared.

He also pleaded with the incumbert government to continue the project of the previous government led by H.E.John Dramani Mahama.

Ohene disclosed that, John Mahama did abundance of Projects which includes E-blocks, District Hospitals, Chps Compound, Roads, Interchange etc. Which some of them has been abandoned by the incumbert government which is retrogressing the country’s development and needed to be completed.

He stated this, during Destiny Fm Morning show “Adekyeyemu Nsem” on a segment ‘Makaa Maka’.

He concluded by saying that, Farmers should support the juice projects which will help them to farm more and gain much money.

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