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Let’s Stop Being Recalcitrant Against President’s Directive – True Faith Church Declares Stand on COVID 19 Directive

President Nana Addo’s decision to halt many activities in Ghana including church service following the outbreak of novel corona virus has created several controversies as many religious groups are of the view that the President’s decision is somewhat against the will of God.
This in turn has led to the arrest of some recalcitrant men of God who defied orders to proceed onto their normal services.

It’s against this backdrop the Leadership of the True Faith Church international has come out to advice all people within the country to desist from disobeying the President’s orders.

Speaking to the general secretary of the Church, Apostle Samuel Owusu Boateng in a press conference, he revealed that even though prayer is crucially needed at this danger time but he calls on all Christians to simply obey the President’s orders which discourages overcrowding which is a major means through which the disease is transferred.

Speaking about night clubs, pubs etc that were left out, the man of God suggested that these nightclubs surrender their services at this crucial time so that it doesn’t bring any trouble to the country.

They therefore used the opportunity to officially release to all Church members to as a matter of urgency stay home for the next four weeks since that is the best way through which we can prevent ourselves from this deadly disease.

The church therefore calls on members to still trust in God and abide to His words as they apply fervent prayers

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