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The Residents of Duadaso No 2 To Boycott Election 2020 If Their Roads are Not Fixed – ELDERS OF DUADASO No 2

The Benkum Hene of Sampa Traditional Council and also the Chief of Duadaso No 2 together with his elders in Jaman North have expressed their dissatisfaction about their roads. According to them, Jaman North is one of the economic communities in the country generating more income yet the most deprived.

They explained further that, Jaman North produces at least 6,250 tones of cashew nuts annually but the having bad road networks for example the road connectng Wenchi to Sampa passing through Duadaso No1 & 2.

Duadaso No 2 happens to be the community underdevelopment within the Jaman North District which is very unfair, the community lack a lot of amenities, even the main road linking Wenchi to Sampa with heavy duty vehicles using it especially during the cashew season had been there for years yet not even a trip of sand has been on the road, according to the Chief and the residents of Duadaso No 2.

Nana Weli Ngo II,the Chief of Duadaso No 2,the Safiyaa Stool and also the Benkumhene of Sampa Traditional Council and the people of Duadaso No 2 are calling on the President of Ghana,Nana Addo Dankwah, Philanthropist, NGO’s,good citizens of Duadaso No 2 to come to their aid for better development of the community.

The Chief and his elders added that,the residents more especially the youth are threatening to boycott every election this year,even no politicians should come for their campaigning, in addition woe to any politicians who will try to come there if their bad road network is not fixed, from Wenchi to Sampa road

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