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The Teacher Unions Concerns on Government Directives as a Result of Corona Virus Pandemic – Auspicious De Boss

Every Ghanaian is intensely preoccupies by and completely engrossed in the Coronavirus pandemic. It is in the light of this that the Government came out with a directive to forestall possible outbreak in our educational institutions.

The various teacher unions as major stakeholders have also come out with another suggestion which needs further clarification and elucidation. The teacher unions posit that the final year students both SHS and JHS students should be allowed to join their junior colleagues at home.

The teacher unions claim the final year students can undergo Distance Learning as a remedial measure. The mind boggling question is how many students have access to the requisite facilities, functional supplies and effective accoutrements to enjoy from this Distance Learning? Additionally, the teacher unions claim the impending examination should be postponed.

It is abundantly clear Ghana has no absolute control over the examination. It is all West Africa affair. The abstruse question is the examination should be postponed to when? Has the entire West Africa agreed to this? Our students are indubitably in low spirits.

It is about time we took workable, pragmatic and radical measures to assuage the pain and anguish of our students. I entreat the teacher unions to come out with proactive measures.

Excessive reactive measures paint different pictures which are clearly distinct from functional core responsibilities.

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